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In preparation for their show in November. Super excited.

Awwwwwwwwwww Shit yes! Brisbane here I come!

Awwwwwwwwwww Shit yes! Brisbane here I come!

if only.

Just watched tapped out.

Terrible movie, Bad acting, stupid plot, but it’s about fighting so idm. 

But before the fight at the end I really REALLY wanted Michael to be like, 

My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. 

that would have made my year.

Good News Everyone!

Manchester Orchestra are coming to Australia in November. 

I’m going to Brisbane to see them cause my best friend who lives there

Offered to pay for a return flight if I go see it with him. =D

I just watched the Raid 2, one of the best fighting movies I’ve seen to date. But at the end in the scene between Uco and Rama, I kind of sat there wishing, just wishing, that Uco would just break out in a heavy boston accent and yell ‘Are you a Cawp!? ARE YOU A CAWP?!’ and Rama would respond like ‘I’M NOT A CAWP!’. They should refilm that scene with that cause I would pay for that. 

It’s 12 fucking am 

and they’re still working construction behind my apartment complex. 

It’s incredibly loud and really repetitive and its absolutely destroying my head. 

…I feel like Oberon Martell. 

"I eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner!" - Luis Litt



I really like that they went a different way from the book with the hound,

However I don’t think that even with his infection, the hound should have lost that one. 

I mean yeah Brienne is a really good fighter and could give Jamie trouble when he had his good hand and she beat Lorrace in duel and all that. BUT, she was in new armour, which there was no way she’d be used to yet whether it was tailored to her or not, and wielding a new sword, someone else’s sword no less. 

And this is the fucking hound. Sandor Fucking Clegane. Although I supposed he had to die to a significant character and one people would believe could best him. I mean if it had been that he just dropped from his infection the whole ‘Arya is a baddass who’ll let him suffer instead of killing him’ thing wouldn’t be as poignant. 

I actually quite liked the hound, he understood that the world they’re in is shit and you’ve got to be tough to get anything done. 

His last words should have been, ‘Yarp’.

Also big props for the green seer for the best line in the entire show:

'He died so you could find what you have lost'

'you're going to help me walk again?'

'you'll never walk again'.

lets ignore everything cause that’s comedy gold. 

I turned 21 today. 


I think the one thing, about moving out, that I’m finding the hardest to get used to isn’t the rent or the newer responsibilities, but rather just the loneliness. I’m not accustomed to being in a home without anyone else so often.

And I know I have a propensity for drama, but it’s not a cry for help, merely an observation, something almost paradoxical in nature considering my self confessed desire for being left alone. I guess the old adage is true about not knowing what you have.

But at least I got out.  

Ok so apparently right, we don’t actually have internet. 

They haven’t connected us to their network yet meaning we’ve been, and still are, syphoning someone else’s internet. 

I’m downloaded so many things already. 

I hope their internet isn’t pay as you go cause that’d be a real bummer for them. 

Hey, i was wondering if i could ask some advice? I've gotten close to one of my uni flatmates this year but he is dropping out. One of my other friends told me that he has had feelings for me for months but didnt want to say cause he knew he was leaving and didnt want to break my heart. Plot twist: i have feelings for him too but he doesnt know and i'm absolutely gutted he's leaving. Should i tell him? should i just leave it? I miss him already and i've not been home a week... help? :(

Ok ok what you need to do is, call him up right, and tell him honestly what it is that’s going on, which is that:

You have been chosen 

To attend Hogwarts shool of whitchcraft and wizardry, 

and Morphius told you that only you alone can get

The one true ring into Narnia 

Where the leader of the resistance a Lion named Jack Sparrow 

Will help you kill king Jofferey

Where you will take his place and rule over Oz.


In all seriousness though, 

Missed love is one of the worst missed opportunities anyone can encounter. 

This is definitely the chance that you need to capitalise one.

And since you know he likes you too then there’s no real risk,

Distance is doable, don’t ever let anyone tell you that your love is not worth it, don’t let them pigeon hole you by telling you what is ‘meant’ to happen.

But if you’re doubting yourself if this course of action, think about it this way,

Imagine if you don’t tell him how you feel, he doesn’t know for sure that you like him. 

He goes away and he will think about what he could have had, he’ll feel shitty for a really long time. 

Now imagine if he KNEW that you like him that it was a sure thing, 

Imagine how much worst he’ll feel about not telling you how he felt, 

That is how you will feel, if you don’t do it, he’ll feel bad, but you’ll feel much worse. 

So please please please, tell him, don’t wait for him, don’t wait for a good time.

Tell him, you will work something out. 

And then you guys can rule Oz as a power couple. 

I have fucking internet now.

You have no idea what true pain is until you live a fucking week

In a new place, and you can’t go out cause of money and lets face it fuck 

That, and you have no internet. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

yeah I haven’t been posting lately cause a lot has happened, here’s a rundown:

- I moved out of my house into an apartment in Parramatta. 

- Fire. 

- Uni - Finals.

- other things. 

I also have no internet yet so yeah fun.