Someone Else's Life
Warning: she’s constantly dropping the milk.

Just watched the purple wedding. 

I only wish that death scene was longer. 

And he looked like he was in such beautifully agonising pain. 

I really like Tyrrion, and this does not bode well for him. 

Fuck the king. 

That is all.

You don’t know relaxing till you’ve leaned back in a chair listening to ‘I want that you are always happy’ in a dimly lit room. This album really epitomises to me, what easy listening really is, even so for the more upbeat songs. I’d highly recommend this album to anyone with time. You just need time.

No words

I fix my 3tb external and holy shit you do not know relief until you know you no longer need to delete shit constantly in order to continue downloading stuff. 

Ahhhh, T’is good to own land. 

Whoever it is that chooses the music for The Following is doing just a bang up job. Kudos to them.

Warning Snape kills dumbledore. I mean spoiler!

I can’t sleep because I just suddenly thought of jenny’s death in forest gump and I filled me with an insurmountable sadness. Especially thinking of forest talking to her tombstone.

First one had taken me days.

The second one? 15 minutes.

I had to turn off my fucking adblocker for a quiz I have to do for uni…

This is hell. 

Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle
156 plays

I listen to only AM in my car. 

For anyone who lives in Sydney (or is willing to make a trip), the IRON THRONE will be in martin place tomorrow (19th or March) between 7:30 am and 3 pm. Details here

This is your chance to sit upon the iron throne and feel what it is like to be ruler of all Westeros.

Don’t miss out,

Winter is coming.

So yeah, walking dead. yeah. 

Kinda expected that shit. that chick was so fucking up from the start. 

But at the same time I wasn’t expecting THAT to happen just wow. 

They should have killed her from the start, any good zombie survival 

Group would have seen that that kind of psychology would DEFINITELY 

Cause massive problems. 

And look at that shit. 

In times of apocalypse one must forsake humanity for rationality and survival.

Half Moon Run - Fire Escape
53 plays

I’ve been trying to listen to music less at Uni. 

Trying to be more social. 

But those times today when I needed it,

I listened to this album on repeat. 

29 plays

I never took your side, 

I never cursed your name.

But they’re also crazy amazing live.